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Devlog #6 - Fling D'Block

Devlog 6 - Fling D'Block

Welcome to another edition of Fling D’Block Devlog. It is has been quite a while since my last devlog. In early October I had to put all my game development on pause as my day job was taking all my free time and energy. It is now starting to settle down a little giving me some free time back allowing me to get back to game development and primarily Fling D’Block.

A Minor Change

Since the last blog entry I there has be a slight change to the gameplay. Originally the player just had to get to the goal as quick as possible trying to work out the best the route while avoiding the obstacles. This is still required, however the player is required to now collect all the crystals in the level before making their way to the goal as quick as possible. These crystals can be collected in any order, but all must collected for the player to be able to use the goal.

I have also made an additional change, the option to manually control the force of the fling using the number keys 1-5, which translates to power rate 20% - 100%. These are not locked anf can be set within the options screen, so pressing key 1 could set the force to 15% and key 2 to 30%. By default the game is set to use automatic power which is controlled by the distance the mouse button is pressed from the block.


The game has been initially released as Early Access on Windows with Mac and Linux version being available very shortly after. There are no current plans to release on mobile, but there is a possiblity if the game proves very popular. I did get a very early build working on Android but haven’t done any more dev or testing since as I very rarley play games on mobile.

To play Fling D’Block, please visit itch.io

Until next time, have fun playing games!

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