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Devlog #4 - Fling D'Block

Welcome to another edition of Neon Orbis Devlog. This week I revisted some of my projects that I had started last year when I came across Defold but didn’t get far in. I was seeing if any of the projects looked interesting enough to be turned into a full game. Luckily one game caught my eye, Fling D’Block, a Physics-based Time-Trial Tower Climber. This was one of the first ideas that I messed around with when I first started learning Defold, but didn’t get too far as I felt I needed to have a few more projects under my belt before trying to turn this game into a real project. Well, what I had created has potential and I have since created quite a few games using Defold, so Fling D’Block will be the next game I will focus on making.

The aim of Fling D’Block is to race up the tower to the goal as quickly as possible. You control a block by dragging a trajectory line that sets the direction, angle and power the block is propelled. The block will then fly through the air, colliding with platforms, obstacles while being affected by gravity, weight, friction and bounciness.

So this week I focused on re-creating a prototype that I can build upon. The prototype is more or less complete, I just need to add obstacle handling and then I can create a short gameplay video which I will upload to Youtube. The video should be available for the next edition of the Neon Orbis Devlog.

Until next time, have fun with whatever card game you’re playing!

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