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Fling D’Block, is a Physics-Based Precision Time Trial Action game. The aim of the game is to fling your block around the level collecting all the crystals while avoiding the dangerous obstacles and to get back to the goal in the fastest possible time. Can you get three stars on each level? Can you complete the level in the fewest number of moves?

How to Play

To aim your block, move the mouse away from the direction you wish to fling your block. A dotted line will show you which direction the block will fly. The longer the line, the more powerful your fling will be. Once you have your shot aimed click the left mouse button to fling the block. Remember, you don’t have to wait for your block to come to rest before you fling it again.

Fling D'Block - Screenshot 1   Fling D'Block - Screenshot 2   Fling D'Block - Screenshot 3

Fling D'Block - Screenshot 5   Fling D'Block - Screenshot 6   Fling D'Block - Screenshot 7


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