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Neon Orbis Solitaire v1.5.0 Released!


We have just released Solitaire v1.5 that includes a complete overhaul of the core code, fixed some major issue, added the option to play 1 or 3 card draw, added an options and rules section.

Release Notes


  • Fixed the card moving bug that sometimes prevented cards being moved from tableau to foundation
  • Fixed the card moving issue that prevented Ace cards from draw pile being moved into foundation
  • Fixed the issue that allowed any card being moved in the tableau column into empty tableau column


  • Games core code has been completely overhauled
  • Cards are now moved by clicking on the card you want move and then click on the card you want to move to.
  • Card dragging has been temporarily disabled
  • Scoring has been updated to bring the game more in line with Windows XP Solitaire scoring
  • When quitting the game being played a new sound is played
  • Main menu has now been updated to include rules and options pages
  • Updated the game fonts


  • Placing cards on the foundation now plays a new sound effect
  • Added a rules section that can be accessed from Main Menu
  • Added an options section that allows disabling music and sound, setting fullscreen/windowed and card draw number
  • Added the option to allow both 1 or 3 card draw. This can be set in Options

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