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Devlog #1 - Beginning

I have decided to attempt a devlog series. Neon Orbis is not my fulltime job but a hobby that I would love to turn into something more on day. Why write a devlog? Well, firstly to reduce procrastination. Posting to the devlog will motivate me, make me more accountable, and to give me a platform to start my journey into learning marketing. I am bad at marketing. I have no experience in it, I don’t know much about, it is very daunting and has so many moving parts, it is very important and I need it. It is so important that you market your games, otherwise how are anyone going to find them.

To give me the best chance in keeping a regularly updated devlog, the entries will be short and not like a typical multipage devlog that other developers upload. Also, as Neon Orbis is a hobby and that I sometimes like to work on multiple games at the same time, the series of devlogs posts will not focus on singles games at a time, but whatever I worked on since the last post.

So what am I working on right now? Well, I have just started to overhaul the Solitaire’s core codebase. It needs refactoring so that I can start working on improving the UI and add start adding in special fx, like particles, transitions, lighting fx, etc. Will let you know more in the next devlog.

Until next time, have fun with whatever card game you’re playing!

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