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We have just released Tiny Spider, a remake of the classic Small Spider Solitaire game.


The objective of Tiny Spider is to build four foundations, two beginning with an ace and ending with a King, and two beginning with a King and ending with an ace.

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The game starts of with dealing eight cards, four to the top row and four to the bottom row of the tableau. The centre row is used to build up the foundations.

On the tableau you can move cards around one at a time placing them on each other in sequence independent of suit. Cards can also be played on the foundations. As cards become available, look for two red aces and two black kings, or two black aces and two red kings depending the preference set in options. These can are to be moved to the centre row to form your foundations. When you have an ace foundation, your job is to build up in sequence within the suit of that foundation card, for example ace through king. When you have your king foundations you need to build down in sequence within the suit of that foundation card. King through ace. Remaining cards in your pack are dealt eight at a time.

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Winning the Game

The game comes to an end when all four foundations have been completed or when there are no other moves to be made. If you complete all four foundations, you win the game! If you do not, then you do not win the game.

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