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A card-based survival horror game in the style of a board game.


The Story

You have just heard an announcement over the radio that the army will be extracting any survivors that can reach the extraction point located on the over side of the city.  So with your trusty bat you head out from your hideout and attempt to make your way across 13 zombie infected blocks, hoping that you get get away from this nightmare.

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The Game

The game is played in a series of turns split into  6 phases.

The phases are:

  1. Player move/search
  2. City Expansion
  3. Zombie, Item and Survivor discovery
  4. Zombie move
  5. Player attack
  6. Zombie attack

Action Points (AP)

Within each turn you have 3 action points (APs) that are used when either moving, searching or attacking zombies.  Attacking and Search uses a single AP, but moving will use a single action point when moving to another card of the same suit or value, otherwise 2 APs are used.

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Player Move

During this phase, you can move your player character to a neighbouring city block (card) by selecting one of the highlighted cards. Movement is only horizontal and vertical.  After you have moved you player, you will enter the City Expansion phase.

During the move phase, you will have an option to search the area when you start a new turn on a card that is a Royal Card (Jack, Queen, King) or an Ace Card.  The Royal Cards represent abandoned shops and contain weapons to assist you on your travels across the city.  The Ace cards contain survivors that need rescuing.

On Royal Cards you will notice a box with a number on it, and with Aces, you will notice a survivor lying down with a number to the top right of them.  These numbers indicate the the number of Action Points (APs) required to find the item or rescue the hostage.  To search, just click the search button when available in the bottom right of the screen. Note, if you choose to search you will not be able to move.  Also, you can search up to 3 times within a turn, but if you use all your APs searching, you will not be able to attack zombies this turn.

Streets of the Dead - Image 4

City Expansion

This phase requires your player to discover the neighbouring city blocks.  This is done by drawing a card from the deck and placing it in one of the 3 empty spaces in the neighbouring column.  Repeat this 2 more times until the neighbouring column has a card.

Depending on where you place you card, will determine the number of zombies that will be spawned in the next phase.

Streets of the Dead - Image 5

Zombie, Item and Survivor discovery

During this phase, depending on the cards that have been placed in the city along with difference between the new card and its neighbouring card will determine the number of zombies spawned.

For items that are discovered, they contain a random weapon and require number of action points listed on the box icon to find/unlock the item.  Along with receiving the weapon you will also receive ammo.

For survivors, the number in the top right of their character sprite indicates the number of action points required to rescue them.  As a bonus for rescuing survivors, you will be rewarded with some health.

Streets of the Dead - Image 7

Zombie Move

Zombies will always try and hunt you down so each turn zombies move one city block closer to you unless they are in the same city block as you.

Player Attack

During this round you get one attack, and depending on the weapon you have available and selected will determine the number of zombies you can attack during this turn.  There are 4 weapon types in the game, Baseball Bat, Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun.  You will always have a bat available, but for the other weapons, you will need to find them.

Zombie Attack

If there is a zombie remaining in your city block after you have attacked them, then you will sustain damage. Actually, the number of zombies remaining within your city block (card) will determine how many health points you will lose.

For 1-5 zombies you will lose 1 health point, for 6-10 zombies you will lose 2 health points, for 11-15 you will lose 3 health points and so on.

When using a pistol, rifle or shotgun each attack phase will use one ammo round.  If you run out of ammo, then that weapon can no longer be used until you find more ammo.

Streets of the Dead - Image 8

Zombie Hordes

When a Joker is placed in the city, a Zombie Horde is released.

Game Over

If you lose all your health points it is game over and you lose the game.

Winning the Game

If you make it all the way across the city and survive a zombie attack you escape the city and win the game.

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