Neon Orbis

Devlog 2

Devlog #2 - Solitaire

Welcome to another edition of the Neon Orbis Devlog. This week I focused on updating Solitaire. I was able to completely overhaul the core code base as well as add a few extra features and fix some...

Neon Orbis Solitaire

Neon Orbis Solitaire v1.5.0 Released!

We have just released Solitaire v1.5 that includes a complete overhaul of the core code, fixed some major issue, added the option to play 1 or 3 card draw, added an options and rules section. Re...

Neon Orbis Clear the Dungeon

Neon Orbis Clear the Dungeon Mac and Linux Release

We have just released the Mac and Linux version of Clear the Dungeon! Clear the Dungeon is single player strategic card game based on the original card game of the same name by Mark S. Ball of R...

Devlog 1

Devlog #1 - Beginning

I have decided to attempt a devlog series. Neon Orbis is not my fulltime job but a hobby that I would love to turn into something more on day. Why write a devlog? Well, firstly to reduce procrastin...

Tiny Spider

Neon Orbis Tiny Spider

We have just released Tiny Spider, a remake of the classic Small Spider Solitaire game. Objective The objective of Tiny Spider is to build four foundations, two beginning with an ace and ending...